Apex Legends- My View on the Game

Apex Legends? Is it a battle royale game we needed? Today I'm going to be discussing my view on the game. 


A Ray Of Sunshine – A Response to The Purple Prose Mage’s Nomination

Hello Warriors! Today I'm going to write about my Nomination for a Sunshine Blogger Award that I've been nominated for by The Purple Prose Mage Also known as Alex Sigsworth so I would like to Thank Alex for the Nomination much love for it as this is my First Award I've got and actually makes … Continue reading A Ray Of Sunshine – A Response to The Purple Prose Mage’s Nomination

Fortnite Vs Playerunknown Battlegrounds!

Hello Boys and Girls Okay, so today I'm going to Discuss Fortnite and Player Unknown Battlegrounds and to which one I think Is the better game to play amongst your friends. So for this post, I have played both games on the Xbox console to make it fair so no graphics enhancements have been in … Continue reading Fortnite Vs Playerunknown Battlegrounds!

Fortnite (Xbox One)

Hey, Guys and Gals thought I would write a little review on Fortnite I've been playing this on Xbox One with a friend and I got to say It's Addictive. About the Game?... Okay so Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, the game was released … Continue reading Fortnite (Xbox One)

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