Getting a Platinum And How It Feels

My Views of Platinum and 100% Game Completion and My Views on It.


Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

Bethesda? Fallout? Online Wasteland?! That's right Warriors Bethesda have made an Online Fallout game and today I'm going to discuss whether it's worth your hard earn money or not. So Fallout 76 is a Online only Multiplayer game which features your Character in a country with other players after emerging from Vault 76 to rebuild … Continue reading Fallout 76 – Is The Game Worth Your Hard Earned Cash?

TBT – Rockstar Table Tennis

Jump in and remember this classic game from Rockstar where everyone thought it was going to be a flop!

Black Ops 4 – From Beta With Love.

So as we are Mere hours away from the new addition of call of duty there are only two questions to ask ourselves? 1. Will it kill PUBG? 2. Will the player base stay solid? I think the answer is no and yes. BLACKOUT MODE After playing the beta on the PC and Xbox it … Continue reading Black Ops 4 – From Beta With Love.

TBT – Stuntman Ignition

It's been a while since I've done a Throwback Thursday post come to think of it the last one I wrote was on CKY's Vol 1. Anyway, here it comes a little review on the game I've prepared even a video of me playing the game. Plot? You are a new stuntman on the scenes … Continue reading TBT – Stuntman Ignition

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