A Ray Of Sunshine – A Response to The Purple Prose Mage’s Nomination

Hello Warriors! Today I'm going to write about my Nomination for a Sunshine Blogger Award that I've been nominated for by The Purple Prose Mage Also known as Alex Sigsworth so I would like to Thank Alex for the Nomination much love for it as this is my First Award I've got and actually makes … Continue reading A Ray Of Sunshine – A Response to The Purple Prose Mage’s Nomination


Heavy Gear Assault

Hello Boys and Girls Today I'm going to be reviewing Heavy Gear Assault on PC (I know my first PC review) but why? Well I was scrolling through on eBay and in related items was a listing offering a steam key code thats worth £29.99 for £5 so me being me I bought It and … Continue reading Heavy Gear Assault

Mount & Blade Warband

Hello Boys and Girls So did everyone has a good Christmas? I know I did but the show must go on and here comes my latest review, Mount and Blade Warband. Okay, so this was in the Playstation Sale for about £4 which made me get it saving £15! About The Game?... Okay so this … Continue reading Mount & Blade Warband

Road Rage (Xbox One)

Hello people! Its been ages and I mean ages since I've done a gaming review (I Blame Call of Duty 100%) but I saw this game while back and it reminds me so much of Road Rash on the PS1, So I had to buy it to see if I got that nostalgia feeling when … Continue reading Road Rage (Xbox One)

L.A. Noire Remastered! 

Hello Peeps I was going through some emails and I noticed a pre-order for LA Noire when I first saw it I was thinking "nahh that was like 5 years go" then I saw remastered and I was like Oh Yea! 😎 Rockstar like to surprise people, however not much has been said about the … Continue reading L.A. Noire Remastered! 

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