Head Ball 2 Review!

Jumping around on one foot and using your head to score a goal what more do you want to past the time with than this game!


Adventure Communist – App Review

Hello Boys and Girls Today I'm going to be reviewing an App that is on the Ios and Andriod device market called Adventure Communist, now with this game I just randomly saw it advertise inside another game I was playing at the time and thought I'd give it a go and well for some reason … Continue reading Adventure Communist – App Review

Tennis to the Face (PS4)

Hello, people, It's been a while since I've posted on here but I am back with another mini review on this indie game I bought on the PlayStation a few days ago. Okay, so this game was developed by 10tons Ltd and was released in 2015 on Steam and PS4. What Is this Game?... Well, … Continue reading Tennis to the Face (PS4)

Pokemon Magikarp Jump!

Hello and welcome to my review of Pokemon Magikarp Jump! This game came out 2 days ago and Is made by the Pokemon Gaming Company, and this is basically a spin-off game to the usual Pokemon games while you raise and train a Magikarp to jump as high as it can and that's it now … Continue reading Pokemon Magikarp Jump!

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