Laser League Review

A Player vs Player Sports game that uses Laser's Count me IN! Hello Warriors and today I'm going to give you my take on Laser League that was free this month with the PS Plus Program. So Laser League what is it about? It's a futuristic sports video game by Roll7, the creators of OlliOlli. Two teams of one, … Continue reading Laser League Review


A Holiday Blog Post

Just a quick update with what I’m doing with myself at the moment while on my Holibobs

Knack 2

A tiny little guy who can mutate into something big that's right a review on Knack 2!

A Way Out

A Way Out - 23rd March 2018 Platform - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC Hours Played - 7 Hours (Story Finished) Hello Warriors! Today I'm going to give you my review and thoughts on A Way Out, a game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by EA on 23rd March 2018. So What Is A Way Out? … Continue reading A Way Out

Heavy Gear Assault

Hello Boys and Girls Today I'm going to be reviewing Heavy Gear Assault on PC (I know my first PC review) but why? Well I was scrolling through on eBay and in related items was a listing offering a steam key code thats worth £29.99 for £5 so me being me I bought It and … Continue reading Heavy Gear Assault

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