Fallout 76 – My View On The Game

Online Survival with the chance to Nuke others that's right Warriors today I'm going to give my take on the newly released Fallout 76. 


Black Ops 4 – From Beta With Love.

So as we are Mere hours away from the new addition of call of duty there are only two questions to ask ourselves? 1. Will it kill PUBG? 2. Will the player base stay solid? I think the answer is no and yes. BLACKOUT MODE After playing the beta on the PC and Xbox it … Continue reading Black Ops 4 – From Beta With Love.

Laser League Review

A Player vs Player Sports game that uses Laser's Count me IN! Hello Warriors and today I'm going to give you my take on Laser League that was free this month with the PS Plus Program. So Laser League what is it about? It's a futuristic sports video game by Roll7, the creators of OlliOlli. Two teams of one, … Continue reading Laser League Review

A Holiday Blog Post

Just a quick update with what I’m doing with myself at the moment while on my Holibobs

The Prodigy – Need Some1

The Kings of Electronica are back after a 3 year break throwing out a new Single for their upcoming album "No Tourists"

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