A Holiday Blog Post

Just a quick update with what I’m doing with myself at the moment while on my Holibobs


My 5 Pick’s at E3 2018

My top picks of E3 2018!

Fallout 76 E3 Showcase!

What Todd Howard had to say on Fallout 76! Are we Shell shocked?

Knack 2

A tiny little guy who can mutate into something big that's right a review on Knack 2!

Super Hot

Hello Warriors! Today I'm going to discuss and review a game I've played recently called Super Hot. Released - 25th February 2016 Hours Played - 4-5 Hours Platform - Played on Xbox One but is also available on PlayStation and PC About The Game? Okay so Superhot is an Independent First Person Shooter that is developed and published by … Continue reading Super Hot

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